ice machines

The Frozen Eskimo supplies top quality commercial icemakers throughout Australia. We deliver solutions to a diverse set of industries. Whether you are in hospitality, construction, mining or even the health sector, we will provide you with the tools you need to find the right icemaker for your application

Self-contained undercounter ice machines. Various ice shapes and sizes are available. Daily production rates range between 18kg – 90kg

Ice machine Brisbane

Self contained stand alone ice machines. These units make a 21mm or 28mm square cube. Daily production rates range between 80kg-200kg.

NW 307

Modular head ice machines. Various ice shapes and sizes are available. Daily production rates range between 130kg – 1,000kg Must be mounted on a storage bin


High calibre storage bins. Holding capacity ranges between 150kg – 600kg+
(Requires single or multiple modular heads to be mounted on top)

FM-1000AKE-+B-501 SA Bin

Available in both flaked or nugget ice.
Daily production rates will range between 110kg -750kg


Automatic ice dispensers. Storage capacity 60kg-90kg. Production dependent on modular head. (Some Dispenser models require a modular head mounted on top)

Where is stock kept?

Stock is available in all metro states of Australia with the majority held in Sydney. We utilise our preferred carriers to ensure you receive your product as promptly and as safely as possible.


The Frozen Eskimo selects the most trusted brands within the market to ensure the only the highest quality of equipment is supplied.


With warranties of up to 5 years on equipment, rest assured the equipment you receive is of the finest quality. After sales service and support will also be readily available.


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Ice Types

 Need ice for a cafe, a bar, a worksite, a seafood display or even your esky for those camping trips? With many ice types available you can be sure to find the right solution for you.

Cubelet Ice

Dice Cube

Flake Ice

Nugget Ice

Scale Ice