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GALA MR400 A Modular Ice Cube Maker


Product Features
  • Make crystal clear ice every time
  • Ice type: GALA – designed to protect the taste of premium beverages
  • Suitable for very hot climates (ambient temperatures up to 43°C)
  • Requires separate storage bin – SILO storage bins offer up to 800kg of capacity and a stacking kit that lets you achieve ultimate space utilization. Suitable storage bins – S500, SCD400, SCD600, SCD800.
  • Designed for premium cocktail bars, whisky bars, gin bars, night clubs and restaurants – 1,321 W x 638 D x 978 H (mm)
  • Slow to melt so will not alter a drink’s flavour or water it down – perfect for high-end liquor
  • R452A refrigerant – a 45% reduction in GWP (global warming potential) over previous R404A
  • 192
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Hospitality / Venues, Accommodation
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  • 345kg ice cube production in 24 hours
  • Produces pure and clear, solid ice cubes
  • Perfectly separated and consistent in size
  • Easy access external operational switches
  • Strong solid AISI 304 stainless steel box-type frame
  • Easy servicing without disassembling the whole machine
  • Flexible nozzle spray system to reduce build up of limescale
  • Front and rear ventilation system allows machine to be built-in (ventilation clearances required)
  • Cleaning switch allows circulation of water with descaling product (calklin or similar)
  • Tropical T Class compressors suitable for use in environments up to 43°C ambient
  • ITV designed motor pump, no seals to avoid deterioration
  • Designed to allow easy disassembly and servicing for minimal disruption
  • 2 year warranty



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